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Client: ECDL Foundation
Designer: Fushia MacAree

I was commissioned by ECDL to design a campaign to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I suggested that the anniversary incorporate wider technical development over the past 20 years, capitalising on the ‘tech nostalgia’ of old Nokia phones, playing Solitaire on Windows 95, Minitel, and the introduction of WiFi.

We worked with Origin Design, who had published the book The Visual Time Traveller.

ECDL is a global brand, so we divided the campaign into five regions according to the biggest countries they operate in. I collected stories, key dates and technical milestones for each region over the 20 years, and weaved these together with the story of ECDL in that area.

The visual identity of ECDL’s marketing was usually photographic, featuring computer users of all ages and backgrounds. I suggested a different approach for this campaign: to employ highly-stylistic illustration based on the digital development timelines, with clever innuendos and wit built into the design. We commissioned Fushia MacAree for these.

The final output was A3 posters with detailed illustration and accompanying timeline text below. The posters were also the basis of postcards and lesson plans.


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