I produced content and ran ad campaigns for the app Plynk. 

Below are some examples.

When you owe an Irish girl money | YouTube

The video was made in the style of the hugely popular ‘shite Irish girls say’ series on YouTube. I scripted and directed it. Shot by Niall O’Connor.

Trips made easy | YouTube

I commissioned this video to highlight the use case of shared travel expenses with friends. In our storyboard we sought to match usual activities (paying a friend back for the hostel) to the money messaging function. Shot by Rob Nolan.

Tag that friend | Instagram/Facebook

I produced this video of a classic ‘I only have a fifty’ moment and the subsequent revenge in square format. The post text was: “Tag the friends that need Plynk. You know who

Docklands festival promotion | Facebook

I produced this video in a short timeframe to promote Plynk’s sponsorship of the Docklands Festival.  Using footage from a recent Plynk event and animated text from After Effects, I sought to highlight the money giveaway and brand awareness.





I created these cinemagraphs using the Flixel software for the Plynk website and Instagram, capturing the moments when you’re most likely to be owed money by a friend.

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