Cara magazine


Client: Aer Lingus Agency: Maxmedia I was a staff writer and photo editor on Aer Lingus’s inflight magazine Cara while it was published by Maxmedia and edited by Tony Clayton-Lea. I edited and retouched photos for the cover and feature articles, sub-edited freelancer’s copy, wrote copy and sourced images for Departures section, and occasionally reviewed


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Client: ECDL Foundation Designer: Fushia MacAree I was commissioned by ECDL to design a campaign to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I suggested that the anniversary incorporate wider technical development over the past 20 years, capitalising on the ‘tech nostalgia’ of old Nokia phones, playing Solitaire on Windows 95, Minitel, and the introduction of WiFi. We

Discover Ireland Blog & YouTube


Client: Tourism Ireland While working for the agency Maxmedia, Tourism Ireland asked us to manage their first foray into blogging. I became the editor of, where I wrote copy, devised the content calendar, sourced guest bloggers, managed the blogging team, and set the overall tone of the content. The blog was very successful with each post

Women in Martial Arts series

In 2013, I set out to interview the three senior female instructors of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu at a seminar in Tokyo, Japan. The interviews were for a glossy magazine feature called Ascent of a Woman, focusing on the leadership, determination and philosophies that helped each one of them to reach the top in a male-dominated

Irish Vegetarian Magazine


Client: Vegetarian Society of Ireland In spring 2013 I was asked to be guest editor of the Autumn 2013 issue of The Irish Vegetarian magazine. The magazine is published on a shoestring budget by the Vegetarian Society of Ireland; a registered charity. I edited, designed and set the theme for the issue. I convinced several talented