Promo Video

The Tempest – Making the Poster


Client: Rough Magic Theatre Company Summer 2022 At the heart of the promotion for the Kilkenny Arts/Rough Magic co-production of The Tempest, we knew there had to be a very striking poster image. Once the lead role of Prospero was cast with the life-affirming Eleanor Methven, we asked award-winning photographer Ros Kavanagh to wield his

Rough Weekend


Client: Rough Magic Theatre Company Spring 2022 Promoting a work-in-progress festival is a tricky thing. There isn’t one fully formed idea to hang your campaign on, or even one artist to put in front of a camera to discuss their work. Instead, when promoting Rough Magic’s Rough Weekend, my strategy was to highlight the kaleidoscope

Irish National Opera


Client: Irish National Opera Autumn 2021 I was thrilled when Irish National Opera asked me to create a compelling ‘call for support’ video, drawing on their vast archive of past productions and community projects. The aim was to wow audiences; reminding them of the power of opera, and then ending with the ask; to become

United Fall – Night Dances


Client: United Fall Autumn 2021 United Fall is an Irish dance theatre company, led by Emma Martin, creating ambitious, multidisciplinary work of a highly visual and atmospheric nature. Night Dances was one of the highlights of Dublin Theatre Festival 2021. I was thrilled to cut this short trailer for the DTF show, to be used on social

Tonic – the mockumentary

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Client: Rough Magic Theatre Company Summer 2021 When Rough Magic approached me about promoting Tonic; an absurd and hilarious apocalypse-themed musical, it was clear that something different was required. The video must meet the same standards of humour as the show itself, it had to be engaging enough to get shared, and it had to