The Tempest – Making the Poster


Client: Rough Magic Theatre Company Summer 2022

At the heart of the promotion for the Kilkenny Arts/Rough Magic co-production of The Tempest, we knew there had to be a very striking poster image. Once the lead role of Prospero was cast with the life-affirming Eleanor Methven, we asked award-winning photographer Ros Kavanagh to wield his usual magic. We knew Ros would capture an arresting and evocative photo that we could hang the rest of the promotional activity on.

With Ros booked, I felt we could further leverage what would be a fun and glittering shoot by basing a promo video around it. This behind-the-scenes video would be an inventive way to introduce several things: our lead actor, the novel gender switch casting of Prospero, and Rough Magic’s alchemist staging for the show.

It would also give me a chance to prove that an adolescence spent watching every episode of MTV’s Making The Video was not in vain.

The result was a light-hearted and fun chronicle of the hair spray, step ladders and over-priced gold leaf that underpin so many of theatre’s best portraits.

It was shot by Tom Griffin and edited by me. The final video was delivered in two sizes (wide 16:9 and vertical 4:5) to keep Zuckerberg happy.

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