Irish National Opera


Client: Irish National Opera Autumn 2021

I was thrilled when Irish National Opera asked me to create a compelling ‘call for support’ video, drawing on their vast archive of past productions and community projects.

The aim was to wow audiences; reminding them of the power of opera, and then ending with the ask; to become a supporter. I began the project by first developing a script with the team, and agreeing on the aesthetics and atmosphere we wanted to convey.

Once we finalised a succinct and punchy script, I turned to their vast archive of gorgeous productions to choose the shots that would best support the text and music. The motion graphics style was carefully constructed to fit and utilise INO’s strong visual brand, and not overwhelm the dynamic footage.

The final video was supplied in a full length (above) and 15 second version, and used across social media and on their website.

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